Support Plans

Support plans

Our support plans are designed to help you be succesffull using our services and products.

Basic Support

Included for all AWS Marketplane images provided by Arara:


  • Support while launching and using the instance for the first time.
  • Support for softwares that were provided with custom configuration with the image.

Provided on a best effort basis:

  • Guidance on how to configure your Instance for connectivity (Configuring Security Groups, ACL’s and Route Tables) on a standard VPC configuration.
  • Guidance on how to recover from a system failure / impaired instance.
  • Guidance on how to restore data to another instance.

Not Included:

  • SysAdmin tasks such as how to set up backup, how to update your system or copy files from/to other systems.
  • Step-by-step guidance for basic AWS and Operating System procedures.
  • Hands-on support like connecting to your instance to execute commands or screen-sharing sessions.

Form of contact:

Response time:

  • We currently don’t offer an SLA, but we aim to answer all customers in 2 business days.

Gold Support

All features from Basic support, plus:

  • Interoperability and configuration guidance and troubleshooting for the Operating System and Softwares provided with custom configuration in the image.
  • Priority in Support cases.